Concerned about sharing your email address?

Create anonymised email addresses to keep your personal email private.

It’s your email address.
You choose how it’s being used.

Easy control of your online data

There can be an uncomfortable feeling when you sign in to a website: How will my email address be used? Should I have read all of the terms? Is this website secure? Fair Custodian helps you take back control.

Relax about data security, privacy and shared information

Because sharing your email address online shouldn’t feel like a gamble, Fair Custodian lets you create email addresses for one off use or specific service types - if you stop using the service, simply delete your email address and relax.

How login should be done

We believe this is the right and fair way to login. Use Fair Custodian to create up to three free email addresses. Use them for a clear, simple and secure way to access online services and keep control.





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